Hey, I'm Michelle

And welcome to my little corner of the world.

After working in the corporate world for <mumble mumble> years, my husband and I have decided that life on the road looks MUCH more appealing to us! So we’ve hit the road and are making our way around Australia in a our little caravan.

Rather than having to stop every now and then to pick up admin work (or labouring work for Ben), I’ve decided to provide my services online so that we can go where ever we want and there is no disruption to my work… or your business!

It’ll take forever if I list out my skills here – so instead, just think about that person in your office who you always end up going to for help.

You know the the one I’m talking about, she’s the one who knows the small stuff (like who you should contact for this, or where’s the best place to get a deal on that) and answers all your questions about how to create a pivot table or insert a reference. She’s the database guru and the social media queen. You think she only knows about the ‘corporate’ world and then find out she can help you set up your blog, automate your email list and set up your Pinterest ads.

And she’s heaps friendly so that when you ask (what you think is) a dumb question, she makes you realise it’s not dumb after all, it’s just a question.

Since you’re still imaging this person, let’s just call her Michelle.

She’s smiling at you and asking, “How can I help?”